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Combatting conveyor carryback and slippage

Flexco lagging manufacturing facility


The Poplar Lane Quarry in New Zealand has taken advantage of Flexco’s HV pre-cleaner and ceramic pulley lagging to combat issues it faced after commissioning a modified plant.

Poplar Lane, which is located 226 kilometres southeast of Auckland, was finding significant amounts of material were being carried back along the underside of its conveyors.

This would accumulate and foul the conveyor’s return rollers, structure, and the ground beneath it. In turn, this meant costly and time-consuming clean-ups for the plant’s operators.

Added to these problems were the conditions coming into play when the weather was cold and wet.

The main belts were prone to regular slippage, thanks to inadequate drum lagging materials. The result was predictable – less production capacity and spillage at transfer points.

Through implementing a trial of Flexco’s HV pre-cleaner, mounted directly onto the conveyor’s head drum, material carryback was dramatically reduced by up to 90 per cent.

These cleaners have a robust and compact construction, and the low profile keeps them positioned below the flow of material.

This increases tip life, improves cleaning efficiency, reduces downtime, and trims the additional costs attributed to tip change-outs.

It was also clear the existing rubber lagging needed replacement. Flex-Lag ceramic pulley lagging, also from Flexco, was installed to provide an increased co-efficient of friction and eliminate the previous problems with belt slippage.

The days of having to throw sand and gravel on the pulley surface to provide an increased co-efficient of friction and eliminate previous problems with belt slippage are long gone.

Flex-Lag’s high-friction co-efficient has eliminated this, delivering a performance close to double that of standard rubber lagging.

Operators now spend less time on maintenance, leaving them clear to focus on the prime business – producing large quantities of quality product.


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