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Weir Minerals simplifies dewatering pumps

Multiflo SJG -G1204TE Pump - Front Rev03 210121[28]


Ideally suited to a range of fluid management applications including quarrying and industrial dewatering, the Multiflo SJG pump design combines a light-weight pump design with proven materials technology for long wear-life, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

The balance of robust construction and lightweight portability is made possible through a combination of aluminium/steel outer casing, stainless steel shaft, and nitrile-lined rubber diffuser and wear plate. These materials are complemented by the epoxy coated outer- and stator-casings that provide demonstrated corrosion and erosion resistance.

Simon Jones, the slurry and dewatering pumps regional product Manager at Weir Minerals, explained the ins and outs of the pump.

“The Multiflo SJG is designed for maximum portability so customers can use it wherever it’s needed,” Jones said.

“This inherent versatility also means that the SJG needs to be able to perform reliably across a variety of duties which is achieved through the combination of the pump features.”

The reliability of the Multiflo SJG is further enhanced by other features, such as the tungsten carbide (TC/TC) tandem mechanical seal to combat premature pump failure. The mechanical seal utilises a chamber designed to prevent fluid ingress into the motor and insulation stators with sacrificial zinc anodes that provide added corrosion protection for longer wear life.

“We wanted to deliver a pump that addresses common customer concerns,” Jones continued.

“One issue we see a lot with submersible pumps is overheating. To combat this, our pumps feature automatic shut-offs embedded in the stator winding to protect the motor if it starts to run dry. It sounds like a small thing, but features like this can save a pump from failing.”

For more information visit the Weir website.


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