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Modern dump trucks highlight advantages of renting


Since 2005, Delta Rent, a subsidiary of the diversified, turnkey contracting service for urban and industrial landscapes, has certainly seen its equipment grow in size and quantity, and the latest addition to the family is no exception to that mantra.

In February 2021, Delta Rent took delivery of four brand new Komatsu HD785-7 100-tonne rigid dump trucks. These added to an existing fleet of HD785s that are already hard at work around the country.

Con Petropoulos, the owner and director of the Delta Group of companies, has always liked the Komatsu product. “Komatsu’s reliability and value for money make them ideal for the rental market and nothing beats them for fuel economy, so it’s good for the customer too,” he said.

And that’s what it’s all about in the rental industry: to provide the customer with a low hour, reliable, technically advanced and fuel-efficient product that will  keep them coming back. To that end, the Komatsu HD785 rigid dump trucks are considered ideal.

For example, the current HD785-7 fleet on hire in a large Victorian quarry is experiencing, on average, between 45 and 50 litres per hour of fuel burn, which is an industry best and proves how new equipment can make a difference to the bottom line. While some people may think hiring is an expensive option, it can provide the quarry with significant savings in fuel costs, maintenance costs, breakdowns leading to downtime and general running costs, particularly when old and unreliable equipment is still being used.

Breakdowns are probably one of the biggest issues in every quarry around the country. “We’ve all been on sites where the boss would love to buy new equipment, but the CAPEX isn’t there or the company is putting their dollars into other areas they feel are more important,” said Damien Gramola, the national sales manager for Delta Rent. “Meanwhile, you’re running around in a 10-year-old, 40,000-hour machine that’s on its third rebuild and each day you’re hoping it blows up so you get to go home early! It’s common in this country and a hire fleet is probably the quickest and most efficient way of keeping your production outputs up, without a massive outlay in costs and fixes the problem of having a machine fail on-site, causing you nothing but grief.”

Delta Rent has four HD785-7 trucks ‘ready to roll’.


On top of these benefits, the addition of new equipment provides the site with the most advanced equipment, resulting in safe machinery. “There is very little that can go wrong with a new machine and Delta Rent prides itself on having one of the youngest fleets in the country,” Gramola said. “It’s why our customers keep coming back, they see how young our fleet is and they want to keep hiring from us. These new HD785s are brand new, so right from day one you will be significantly reducing the risk of injury for everyone on-site.”

Gramola added that there is another factor people rarely think about – the operator. “Without a doubt, if you sit in one of these units and spend just one shift at the wheel, you will not want to get out or hop into your old machine,” he said. “The cabin comforts the new machines provide is world-class and the pressurised cabs prevent any dust ingress, which is not only great for the operator, but keeps the cabin clean and it means there is less cleaning. Plus, who doesn’t love that ‘new truck smell’?”

Each of the HD785-7 units is monitored by Komatsu’s Komtrax system. The team at Delta Rent has full access to this data, so they can provide customers with all information about the vehicles being hired, so they can enact changes as necessary to achieve the best cost savings, plus monitor speed and pay loads which contribute to safety and efficiency. 

Gramola said there are significant benefits for producers to have an operational expenditure (OPEX) on their books, compared to a capital expenditure (CAPEX). “For starters, there is no loan or money lending to be had, so decisions about future quarry production can be made quicker and with no initial outlay, the tax implications are many. You don’t even have to worry about depreciation,” he added.

Finally, Gramola said, equipment hire is about making it easier for the maintenance personnel. “If for any reason there is an issue with one of these trucks the most amount of effort you will ever need to do is pick up the phone, it’s that simple. Why? Because Delta Rent have a complete 24/7 back-up service that not only involves the OEM and their team, but our own qualified technicians. We have your back 24/7 and can even do servicing at night or on weekends to minimise downtime on-site.”

Currently located in Melbourne, the new HD787-7 units are “ready to roll”, Gramola said. “Give us a call and we’ll do our best to keep your quarry the safest, most reliable and fuel efficient in the game.”

Source: Delta Rent

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