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OEM integrates CMS into online portal


Komatsu has integrated its Condition Monitoring Services (CMS) suite of oil analysis and other laboratory-based analysis, testing and evaluation services into its myKomatsu online customer portal.

Formerly, the online presence for Komatsu CMS was on a stand-alone website.

Stephen Clarke, Komatsu’s national manager for condition monitoring, said the integration of CMS into myKomatsu provides a more user-friendly, intuitive way of dealing with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

“Importantly, it provides a single log-in that gives access not only to Komatsu CMS, but also ordering and managing the delivery of parts, consumables, components and other Komatsu products and services – a major step forward in customers’ ease of doing business.”

In addition to oil analysis, other analysis and testing services provided by Komatsu CMS cover fuel, wastewater, coolant, lubricants and greases, along with vibration analysis and metallurgical testing.

“The increased functionality through the integration of Komatsu CMS within myKomatsu means the whole process of managing oil sampling will be faster, more efficient, less prone to human error and easier to use,” Clarke said. “Customers see condition monitoring records for their entire fleet at a glance. It also allows them to generate custom reports that extract the data and information they need, to run their equipment more efficiently, productively, reliably and safely.”

Komatsu CMS’s integration into myKomatsu – –  also lets customers use barcoded sample cards to capture machine-specific data. “These barcoded sample cards mean customers just need to enter machine hours when submitting a sample. Everything else is pre-captured,” Clarke said. “This offers significant customer benefits, including far less handling and form-filling, eliminates duplicate information, reduces room for error when dealing with multiple machines, and means we are consistently recording all pre-existing machine data.

“If a sample report indicates a critical issue, customers are notified immediately through their preferred method of contact. We can make the results immediately available on the myKomatsu portal so they can securely log-in and see their detailed results on desktop, mobile or tablet,” Clarke said. “In addition, a self-managed reports function, including customised views and scheduled report downloads, provides customers with what they need to know.”

Clarke said the Komatsu CMS is recognised in the industry as having one of the fastest turn-around times of processing samples once received by the lab, as well as for the quality of its results and analysis. “Our aim is to turn around an oil analysis sample within 24 hours, and we consistently achieve this in more than 98 per cent of samples.”

With the integration of Komatsu CMS results into myKomatsu, the company can also provide more detailed information, reports and trends analysis. “Previously, we couldn’t share some of the data with customers, but now we can provide more, including ‘filtergrams’, which are similar to oil sample reports, but with images attached of what our technicians see under the microscope,” Clarke explained. “This really complements our standard reports, and helps our customers gain a far more detailed understanding of what’s happening in their machines.”

The myKomatsu app can be accessed on a variety of devices.

It is not just the owners of Komatsu equipment who benefit from this expanded myKomatsu functionality. Clarke said the Komatsu CMS provided oil analysis and other services to owners of non-Komatsu earthmoving equipment, as well as industry sectors outside of construction and mining, including road transport.

Todd Connolly, Komatsu’s general manager for construction solutions, said the integration of Komatsu CMS into myKomatsu is the latest development in the company’s continuing drive to ensure it is easy to do business with. 

“Our customers can come to a single website, using a single log-in and password, hence ensuring we are easier to do business with,” he said.

Komatsu CMS laboratories are located in Brisbane, Newcastle and Perth and provide CMS for Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia. •

Source: Komatsu Australia

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