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Process, prowess, and power for premium rock breaking


While businesses can risk rushing into buying the biggest, bulkiest breakers in hopes of harnessing unnecessary amounts of power, better businesses will understand that power will not work alone without prowess. Montabert breakers can provide the best of both worlds.

With the history of a 100-year-old company that brought the brilliance of hydraulic rock breaking to the market, quarrying producers can be confident about the Montabert brand. No matter the application, the Komatsu Mining subsidiary will take the time to understand producers’ needs and match them to the right machines.

Glen Macdermid, the business manager for Montabert’s Australia and Asia Pacific regions, explained the extensive process that enables Montabert to find the right product for every client.

“We do a lot of work in the background with quarries to understand the type of megapascals (MPa) of rock that we’re looking to break. We look at the application for the breaker – whether it’s primary excavation or secondary. We can then go down into the operating costs of the breaker versus the operation of an excavator. We can look at maintenance costs on the breaker as well and show the benefits of Montabert in that application based on any specific quarry,” Macdermid said.

“I think the important thing is that when we talk to customers, we understand the breaker is for their needs. We’re not wanting to sell a breaker that’s not fitting their application or their requirements. If we do that filter process and the questions upfront, we then know that we’re going to sell them the product they require.”

The professionalism doesn’t stop at the company’s screening process either. Macdermid said the most impressive part of Montabert breakers is how they are meticulously engineered.

“Our great competitive advantage is our hydraulic efficiencies and that’s based on our R&D engineering,” Macdermid explained. “Because of Montabert’s accumulator design, the breaker doesn’t lose any energy, it’s always ready for the next blow. So, whereas a lot of our competitor breakers’ seals start leaking, our percussion system is totally enclosed, and it’s leak-free.

“They’re a productive, high hitting breaker. They punch hard, in layman’s terms,” McDermid quipped.

The manufacturer works with leading global and Australian quarrying operations, while not forgetting about smaller family-owned businesses. Macdermid said Montabert understands what these clients need, and how integral they are to the industry. He cautioned that producers at the same time should understand that they will pay for the quality they receive.

“[Family-owned businesses are very important,” he said. “They’re looking for a quality breaker, they’re looking for an item that’s going to do the job and to last. We make no excuses though; we sell a premium product. We have a lot of R&D and engineering that goes into our product, there’s a lot of heat treatment, we have raw steel that comes into our factory in France, and everything is manufactured in-house. Whether it’s vertical grinding or CNC machines, it’s of the best. We design a very good product and I think that’s what our customers are looking for – reliability and performance.”

Another of the Montabert breakers’ competitive advantages is their lack of vibration. Most breaker operators will know how difficult some rockbreaking can be, and Montabert has taken that into consideration through its design process.

“We don’t have a lot of vibration,” Macdermid said. “Talking with operators, if you have a hammer that shakes a lot, you get all that vibration back up the boom and it’s quite uncomfortable. But I know from talking with operators using Montabert they don’t have that experience.”

Macdermid says if there is two things Montabert drives in the industry, it is quality and hydraulic efficiencies. Along with an extensive screening process and top of the line engineering, customers big and small can be sure that rocks will break and break effectively with a Montabert breaker.

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