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Orica enables blasting near sensitive structures

Orica has bolstered its blasting technology offering with the release of advanced vibration management (AVM) software.

The software allows operations to combine blast designs, drill holes and vibrations measurements to understand blast outcomes ahead of time.

The technology has been designed to preserve sensitive structures and maximise blast outcomes, complimenting Orica’s BlastIQ digital blast optimisation software suite.

Not only can the technology avoid damage to sensitive structures, but it can also allow operations to blast closer to structures than may have previously been believed.

Thus, some operations may have the potential to widen their scope of resources and increase the life of the project.

Orica vice president for digital solutions Raj Mathiravedu said the technology has become increasingly important in today’s society.

“Vibration management is critical to many sites’ ongoing license to operate and can instantly stop the operation, if not effectively controlled,” Mathiravedu said.

“The release of AVM is driven by these needs and is the latest tool resulting from our continued investment in developing intelligent and autonomous modelling systems that enable our customers to make informed productivity improvement decisions.”

Orica has been providing solutions and innovations such as AVM software for more than 140 years and emphasised a focus on digitising the mining sector.

During a keynote speech for MassMin Conference in December 2020, Orica chief commercial and technology officer Angus Melbourne said Orica’s technology was based upon an immense amount of research and development.

“We’ve used the billions of data points we’ve collected to underpin the evolution of a suite of enhanced digital solutions, empowering real time decision-making and increased control of blasting outcomes,” Melbourne said.

For more information, visit the Orica website.

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