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Asset longevity assured with Epiroc at the helm


With its comprehensive maintenance plans, Epiroc is assuring quarrying producers of minimal downtimes and maximum productivity.

Mining and infrastructure equipment manufacturer Epiroc has a vision of zero unplanned stoppages and market leading total cost of ownership.

Preventative maintenance concerns the servicing and replacing of components at scheduled intervals to avoid unexpected breakdowns. Epiroc’s strategy is to understand the producer, act on feedback and provide total cost of ownership maintenance plans for assets.

Epiroc can help quarrying producers identify the critical components in their kin need of maintenance or replacement.

Epiroc’s Asset Management Division can apply the principles of reliability centred maintenance (RCM) to identify what preventative tasks are needed, and when and how the task should be performed, in order to achieve the desired results. The objective of RCM is not to always eliminate the failures within the products but to reduce or mitigate the consequences of a failure when one occurs.

Through brainstorming with product specialists, available field data and engineering inputs, Epiroc will identify the critical components to maintain or replace at scheduled intervals for smooth operation.  The company will develop and provide a customised operation readiness package which includes an indicative maintenance schedule and preventative maintenance task list. The task list includes labour hours and downtime, detailed component removal and installation documents.

As part of its life cycle management support, Epiroc works to analyse asset performance. Based on the results, it provides support to optimise planned maintenance or initiates engineering changes, if required. Maintenance optimisation and engineering change are done to improve asset availability and to reduce costs. Through consultation with all available data (global and local), such as warranty and maintenance records, failure reports, usage and an operator’s log, the product specialist, reliability engineer and specialist engineer optimise the maintenance plans.

For more information, visit the Epiroc website.

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