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Boral to supply Perth’s most sustainable industrial estate


Boral’s Envisia low-carbon concrete has entered the trial phase to test the viability of its use for a new Perth logistics facility.  

Announcing its selection as the preferred supplier for the project, Boral said the low-carbon product would be used for structural and flooring elements, assuming it passes the trials.

The concrete uses a specially milled ground granulated blast furnace slag to replace up to 53 per cent of the usual Portland cement without losing strength, size or durability. This in turn allows for a 40 per cent reduction in embodied carbon content.

The logistics facility will be funded by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), which intends to use solar panels alongside the low-carbon concrete to create the most sustainable industrial property in Perth.

The CEFC is a statutory authority established by the Australian Government under the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act 2012, which aims to facilitate increased finance flows to the clean energy sector.

The project – the Roe Highway Logistics Park (RHLP) – has already received $95 million from the CEFC on behalf of the Australian Government and is expected to be built over the next 18 months.

CEFC chief executive officer Ian Learmonth said the nature of the project provides a great opportunity for emissions reductions.

“The construction sector is a significant emitter of greenhouse gases and the lack of low carbon alternatives to traditional building material has so far made it difficult to abate,” Learmonth said.

“Exciting developments in low carbon construction materials are giving us the chance to accelerate decarbonisation, and success in this sector will help spur Australia’s transition to a low emissions economy.”

The CEFC stated that the built environment represents around a quarter of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Learmonth said to encourage the use of products such as Boral’s Envisia concrete could change the construction landscape nationwide.

“Importantly, the focus on low carbon construction materials at RHLP can play a critical role in influencing supply chains in the construction industry. This offers a new pathway to cut emissions from the supply chain, known as scope three emissions, and provides a world-leading example of low carbon options for the industry,” Learmonth said.

The CEFC also plans to implement water recycling, low energy lighting, double-glazed windows and native tree planting to substantiate the estate’s suite of sustainable initiatives.

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