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UK quarry applies for expansion


Armstrongs Aggregates has applied for an extension at the Montcliffe Quarry in Horwich, UK to extract an additional 2.75 million tonnes of stone.

The extension would require around 3.2ha of green land north west of the quarry.

This would enable the company to extract 2.75 million tonnes of gritstone and other aggregates.

Quarry benches and a 3m high landscaped screening bund are proposed in the application, with approximately 25 heavy vehicle movements per day.

Up to 100 vehicles in and 100 vehicles out are expected on weekdays, which will be reduced to 50 vehicles in and 50 vehicles out on Saturdays.

The site is located in the Greater Manchester Joint Minerals Plan, which is designed to guide future minerals development across Greater Manchester to 2028.

Armstrongs Aggregates stated the plan “makes a presumption in favour of sustainable minerals development” at the Montcliffe Quarry.

However, Bolton Council’s planning committee has raised concerns for the visual impact of the quarry extension.

“There will be harm to the landscape of the area during the mineral extraction phase of the development,” the Council stated.

“This visual impact is identified within the analysis as being most significant from the public rights of ways on the surrounding moorland and on higher ground towards Rivington Pike.

“Given the temporary nature of the harm identified, officers consider that only moderate harm should be given to this impact on the planning balance.”

The Montcliffe Quarry has been operational for more than 100 years.

The quarry’s gritstone is processed through traditional crushing and screening methods to produce high quality aggregates.