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Regulator revises Tier 2 quarry manager requirements


The NSW Resources Regulator has updated its requirements for Tier 2 quarry manager certificates.

The certificate has been revised with updated Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualifications.

“Existing qualifications have been retained so there are more qualifications for individuals to hold to be eligible,” the Regulator stated.

Units of competence for emergency preparedness at an AQF 5 and AQF 6 level are now required to be eligible for a practising certificate for Tier 2 quarries.

From 1 October, 2022, managers of Tier 2 quarries, which include medium-sized operations where mining hazards represent medium risk, will be held to the new requirements.

“The NSW Resources Regulator, in consultation with the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board, has adopted a three-tiered approach to the administration of the Quarry Manager Practising Certificate (QMPC) scheme,” a NSW Resources Regulator spokesperson stated.

Tier 2 quarry managers are required to have at least two years’ experience in a quarry setting to apply and must provide detail on the areas of their expertise.

The application is required to be signed and dated by the applicant’s supervising manager or quarry manager.

“The Resources Regulator no longer issues practising certificates with a restriction to a specific mine or mines after the transition period ends. Individuals can now apply for a practising certificate that will allow them to exercise the statutory function at all Tier 2 quarries,” a NSW Resources Regulator spokesperson told Quarry last year.

The updated details have been published in the NSW Government Gazette.

For anyone needing accredited training or ongoing professional development aligned to the regulations, contact the IQA on (02) 9484 0577 or email

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