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Recycled rubber used for concrete



RMIT University researchers have created a new technology to produce sustainable concrete using recycled rubber and construction waste. 

The technology has allowed researchers to produce sustainable concrete that is stronger, harder and more durable than regular concrete and recycled alternatives.

RMIT claims the new technology allows for its recycled concrete to be 35 per cent stronger than traditional concrete.

According to RMIT school of engineering professor Yufei Wu, the concrete is both efficient and cost-effective.

“This technology can be used to significantly improve the strength, hardness and durability of any type of concrete material, such as rubber concrete, recycled aggregate concrete, and even ordinary concrete,” he said.

“By enhancing the properties of the recycled waste without the use of any additional materials, we have developed a feasible and practical solution that addresses the performance issues affiliated with waste recycling in concrete.”

Recycled concrete is an effective way to reduce the amount of rubber going to landfill each year.

Australia generated about 450,000 tonnes of waster rubber in 2015-16 – with more than half sent to landfill.

According to the researchers, the concrete requires little change to the existing process of producing precast concrete.

The technology was presented at the City of Melbourne Open Innovation Competition in 2020.

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