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Proposed quarry to supply basalt in Victoria


Conundrum Holdings has submitted an application for its North Central Quarry in Wallan, Victoria to the Mitchell Shire Council.

The proposed quarry will provide high quality basalt and extract about 17 million tonnes of the aggregate.

The quarry is expected to have a lifespan of around 30 years with the site to be undertaken in four phases.

Conundrum Holdings stated that the quarry is situated close by to clients, which would cut logistics-related carbon emissions.

The quarry’s basalt resources are expected to supply to Victorian businesses.

According to Conundrum Holdings, each person in Victoria uses between 8 and 10 tonnes of quarry products per year.

“Quarrying is an essential temporary land use to maintain our community’s standard of living,” Conundrum Holdings said in a statement.

“This significant basalt resource offers a choice of supply to local and Victorian small, medium and large-scale businesses, while we co-exist with and continue to support the economic growth of our community now and into the future.”

Conundrum Holdings is a family-owned and operated Victorian-based business.

The North Central Quarry is expected to provide basalt for railways, asphalt and road sealing projects, concrete plants, buildings, agriculture and land and infrastructure development.

Conundrum Holdings’ website states that the quarry “(blends) into its surrounding landscape” to reduce visual and environmental impacts.

Community members from Mitchell Shire Council have the option of providing feedback to Conundrum Holdings’ submission online.