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Norwegian quarry rolls out autonomous vehicles


Automation systems specialist Steer Tech will develop technology for an autonomous dump truck fleet at a Norwegian quarry under a new contract.

Quarry company Romarheim has signed the contract to provide more efficient and cost-effective autonomous operations.

The contract is the first time Steer has partnered with a quarry company.

Works at Romarheim’s stone quarry in Osterfjord under the contract will involve loading autonomous trucks with stones to follow a set route into a shaft that leads to the crushing plant for processing and distribution.

Steer co-founder Njål Arne Gjermundshaug told Aggregates Business the Osterfjord quarry serves as an adequate testing ground.

“As you can understand, these are quite repetitive tasks, and this is a perfectly sized project to test our autonomous solution even further,” Gjermundshaug said. “In addition, Romarheim is a very forward-thinking customer who is excited to be part of this innovation project.”

Steer’s autonomous construction equipment has previously been involved in clearing large artillery ranges in dangerous areas.

Romarheim has previously focused on improving mass transport systems at its operations, with automation being the next step.

The company hopes automation will prevent personnel from entering hazardous areas to reduce injuries, while also boosting efficiency and reducing the equipment’s maintenance costs.

By using Steer’s technology, a wheel loader operator will be able to oversee and direct trucks by using an iPad.

The project is set to commence in the first half of 2021.

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