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Connecting the loader scale via the IOT


These days, most aggregates managers and equipment operators recognise the benefits of loader scales for more accurate loading, weighing, hauling and all-around operational efficiency.

What’s less known is that connecting wheel loaders can transform them from a versatile piece of yellow iron into a digital IoT business tool (Figure 1), eg:

• The connected pit loader measures the real time extraction rate (tonnes per hour) and reports on the total number of trucks loaded and tonnage moved, in addition to loading each truck to its maximum capability.

 • When used with a mobile crusher, the connected loader updates the stockpile inventory in real time by measuring feed material going in and subtracts product loaded onto trucks.

• At loadout, the connected loader will help eliminate overloading the trucks while also sending eTickets and transaction records to the truck drivers and customers, digitising the delivery logistics. This contactless process improves both safety and efficiency.

 • Digital records make integration with scale house possible and will further simplify the process and gain additional productivity.

• Site management is transformed, as managers can track more than machine activities. Site operation key metrics will be readily available in real time – anytime, anywhere – using a smart device.  

• Reporting is simplified because users can streamline loader data reports, to alert managers to only the exceptions they care about for immediate action.

Source: Trimble

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