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Peak body unveils national construction industry charter



The ACA has released a national charter for the industry, outlining ten commitments to reform the nation’s construction sector.

The Australian Constructors Association’s (ACA) industry charter is based on the pillars of positive industry culture, sufficient capability capacity and skills,and equitable and aligned commercial frameworks.

Under these pillars, the charter has mapped 10 commitments from the industry to drive positive change from its members and industry stakeholders.

For the culture pillar, commitments include improving industry diversity, improving the health and wellbeing of the workforce, building a social licence to operate, and reducing environmental impacts.

The capacity, capability and skills pillar lists the commitments of encouraging innovation and improving productivity, building capacity, capability and skills, and striving for improved industrial relations.

The commercial frameworks pillar includes collaborating with stakeholders to ensure risk pricing is open, transparent and appropriate, improving outcomes for all project stakeholders, and maximising the social and economic benefits of construction.

ACA chief executive officer Jon Davies said the government’s reliance on the construction sector to guide Australia from its recession has further emphasised the importance of the charter.

“Recognising the reliance being placed on it by government to lead the economy out of recession, our industry has stepped up to the plate,” he said.

“We need to be transparent and accountable to our clients while maximising the social and economic benefits of our sector which employs 10 per cent of the total workforce.

“In an industry first, we have clearly identified the key elements required to improve the poor sustainability of our sector and effectively deliver the pipeline of stimulus projects. We have also developed our own charter to ensure we are able to achieve lasting positive change and set the industry up for future success.

“We are launching this charter on the second anniversary of the NSW Government’s 10 Point Commitment to the Construction Sector, an important step that we now match and raise the bar on.”

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