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Recycled asphalt paves the way for ACT suburb project


Downer’s road surfacing material – Reconophalt has been adopted for the Ginninderry project, to pave roads in Strathnairn, ACT.

The Ginninderry project is under development by a joint venture between the ACT Government and Riverview Developments to deliver a new cross-border community.

It includes land in both the ACT and New South Wales, who recently approved the project on 17 July 2020.

The ACT side will be comprised of two new suburbs, Strathnairn and Macnamara.

Works to pave Strathnairn’s roads with Downer’s recycled asphalt (Reconophalt) commenced earlier this month.

More than 4200 tonnes of Reconophalt will be paved in Strathnairn as part of the project’s stage 2 works.

Reconophalt contains recycled materials including soft plastics, glass, toner and reclaimed road.

According to the Ginninderry Project Team, this will prevent over three million plastic bag and packaging equivalents; 617,640 glass bottle equivalents; 75,600 used printer cartridges and 1050 tonnes of reclaimed road from entering landfill.

“By utilising recycled asphalt in sub-division works, we can now deliver an ongoing sustainable solution for the extensive road network at Ginninderry, and make a measurable difference to the environment by reusing waste that would otherwise end up in landfill,” Ginninderry Project Director, Steve Harding said.

“Downer, together with our partners Huon Contractors and Calibre Group have delivered a truly world-class outcome in line with our vision.”

Reconophalt uses recycled materials to provide a cost effective asphalt alternative that has improve strength and resistance to deformation.

“The Reconophalt product has demonstrated over the last two years that it is stronger and longer-lasting than traditional asphalt so we felt the time was right to embrace the shift,” Ginninderry Senior Development Manager, Imran Khan said.

Compared to standard asphalt, Reconophalt has an increased pavement life of 15 per cent, and a pavement thickness reduction of 10 per cent.

Downer surfacing manager for NSW and ACT, Gana Varendran said Reconophalt will help achieve a circular solution.

“Reconophalt is cost-effective and has enhanced properties of improved strength and resistance to deformation making the road asset last longer,” he said.

“Even after a road has been laid with Reconophalt, the pavement is perpetually recyclable, providing a truly circular and sustainable solution for communities and generations to come.”

Downer won the Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Award for Reconophalt in 2019.