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Mt Carbine Quarries makes first delivery to Bama


Mt Carbine Quarrying Operations has started delivering quarry products to Bama Civil Pty Ltd as part of a $4 million road infrastructure project contract in the Cook Shire, Far North Queensland.

Speciality Metals International Limited (SEI) subsidiary Mt Carbine Quarrying Operations signed the $4 million contract with Bama in July 2020.

The aggregates delivered for the road construction project is part of the Queensland Government’s Peninsula Development Road in the Cook Shire.

SEI announced that additional deliveries will take place for the rest of the year.

An increased crushing capacity has also been added to increase the quarry production output for the project. This involves modernisation of the Mt Carbine quarry, with the company expecting production costs and profitability to improve with a “further alignment of the ore sorting operations”.

SEI chief executive officer Kevin MacNeill said producing ahead of time has allowed the company to enter separate contracts.

“It is great to see the delivery of the Bama products get underway,” he said.

“We had been producing the initial products in anticipation of the contract delivery dates, so we are well placed and on target.

“Having produced ahead of time, it gives us the flexibility to continue filling other contracts as they come in.

“The management and organisation of the quarry business is steadily being transformed under the leadership of Mr Bartlett, our quarry manager appointed last month.”

Bama is an 100 per cent indigenous-owned civil construction services company, with a workforce made up of more than 70 per cent Indigenous personnel.

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