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Truck unloading, conveying systems minimise material handling costs

The cost of aggregate delivery, transport and handling via truck or loader is at record levels and rising. As well as improving on efficient delivery methods, it is imperative to streamline unloading, stockpiling and storage methods to eliminate additional material handling costs. One method to curb trucking and fuel costs is by using truck unloading and conveying systems.   

Truck unloading systems improve cycle times, increase safety, minimise loader use, and guarantee product quality by removing any extra handling of material. Plus, when using truck unloaders in combination with automated telescoping radial stacking conveyors, the payback is even greater in product quality control and costs per tonne savings.  

It is a common sight in many quarries around Australia to see fleets of small dump trucks or roadgoing trucks, transporting material from beneath stockpile conveyors to larger stockpiling and storage areas located many hundreds of metres away from the processing plant. 

Whilst the original quarry plant design may not allow for the complete elimination of rehandling materials, significant savings may be made at the delivery side/larger stockpile end. 

The use of a RazerTail truck unloader and a Telestacker conveyor, both manufactured by Superior Industries, allows quick and easily transfer of material from the trucks into the larger stockpiles 

A RazerTail truck unloader typically allows the unloading and transfer of up to 25 tonnes of material in just minutes without the truck driving up a ramp on the stockpile. As the truck unloads at ground level, large savings are made in fuel, maintenance of brakes, drive trains and tyre wear, compared to running the truck and/or loader up and down the stockpile. 

The ground level truck unloading increases safety as the truck and additional loader are not required to run up and down the stockpile ramp. The use of the Superior Industries “drive over truck unloader configuration, with patented on-board hydraulic folding transport and loading ramps, also allows the use of single or multi-combination trucks and trailers. 

Superior’s unique dual lane Razertail truck unloader allows continual unloading, stockpiling and ship-loading through further reduction of truck cycle times. 

As the RazerTail truck unloader and Telestacker conveyor are fully onsite mobile units, the whole operation can easily be moved within the site, typically in a couple of hours. 

Depending on site logistics, these higher and safer constructed stockpiles can sometimes eliminate more than loader and operator from the rehandling process. The reduction in loaders offers significant operational savings on labour, fuel and maintenance. 

The reduction in truck cycle time can also reduce the need for one or more trucks, depending on where the stockpiles are located within the quarry. There is an additional improvement in safety initiatives via the elimination of traffic congestion between multiple trucks and loaders where accidents may commonly occur. 

A Razertail truck unloader transfers material to a Telestacker conveyor.


When combining a RazerTail truck unloader with a TeleStacker conveyor, there is even greater control over product quality control and cost per tonne savings. 

Telescoping radial stacking conveyors ensure stockpile quality by building a desegregated stockpile and preventing the compaction or contamination typically seen when using trucks or loaders to build stockpiles. 

A standard radial stacker can help minimise stockpile segregation but it cannot overcome it. An automated telescoping radial stacker is the only solution to creating a fully desegregated stockpile. It stockpiles in very thin lifts or layers, with each layer consisting of a series of windrows of material. To accomplish this, the conveyor is in continuous motion, so automation is highly preferred over manual operation. 

The telescoping conveyor consists of a conveyor (stinger conveyor) mounted inside an outer conveyor of similar length. The stinger conveyor can move linearly along the length of the outer conveyor, thereby varying the location of the discharge pulley. The height of the discharge pulley is variable as well as the radial position of the conveyor. The three-axis variation of the discharge pulley is essential in making the layered pile that overcomes segregation. The Telestacker conveyor offers the leading solution for creating a desegregated stockpile. 

Automated telescoping radial stacking conveyors also provide increased stacking capacity over standard radial stackers. Up to 30 per cent more material can be stockpiled under a telescoping stacker compared to the same length fixed radial stacker. This is particularly important where users wish to maximise stockpile volume on limited site storage footprints. 

Each user can also program the telescoping radial stacking conveyor to create stockpiles in many different shapes, sizes, and configurations. This unlimited stockpiling flexibility results in higher production capacity at a lower cost. 

888 Crushing & Screening Equipment is the leading supplier of mobile telescopic/ Telestacker conveyors in Australia for quarrying, mining and mobile ship-loading applications. Superior Industries has sold more than 1450 Telestacker conveyor around the world. 

Each Telestacker conveyor is supplied with a two-year complete component warranty and five-year structural warranty and meets Australian Standards for structural/safety guarding and electrics. 

The stackers are supplied with heavyduty US-made components which have been well proven in many harsh Australian conditions to outperform and outlast most conveyor equipment from other manufacturers. 

The Telestacker conveyor is typically a 15 to 20 per cent heavier duty construction than other brands and as 888CSE carries one of the largest stocks of spares in Australia, it can offer the best after sales support in the industry. 888CSE fully assembles and test runs all its mobile conveyors prior to delivery (with no hidden costs). The Telestacker conveyors have been supplied into nearly all states  and territories in Australia, with many references available from private and public companies. 

888CSE currently has stock in Australia of both single lane and dual lane RazerTail truck unloaders as well as 46m long Telestacker conveyors for immediate sale or long-term hire across all states and territories. 

The Telestacker will typically stack at least 50 per cent more material than any other advertised “Model 140” telescopic conveyor from other suppliers. 

Source: 888 Crushing & Screening Equipment 

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