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Alex Fraser upgrades Sustainable Supply Hub C&D Plant


Recycled aggregates producer Alex Fraser has increased its production capacity at its Laverton plant by up to 50 per cent following a series of upgrades.

The upgrades will enable the blending of concrete and rock within the construction and demolition (C&D) plant rather than through a pug mill. 

Alex Fraser orchestrated the upgrades to allow for dual resource streams.

Planning for the upgrades began in November 2019, with installation in early March taking just four days in total. This involved a two-stage installation of the new conveyors, a magnet, a 373kW cone crusher and the stand. 

The first stage involved the removal and replacement of the Astec K400 crusher with an Astec K500+ cone crusher, along with the new support platform. Its second stage rerouted the Cv5 conveyor from the plant’s Kawasaki crusher to the K400 cone crusher which was moved to the second stream. 

“The K500+ is used as a secondary when crushing concrete and brick, it also processes rock when the plant is in that configuration,” Alex Fraser managing director Peter Murphy told Quarry. “The K400+ has been moved and is used as a secondary, after the jaw crusher. 

“The site has a capacity of well over a million tonnes a year, this is in addition to the high recycled technology asphalt plant and glass recycling plant that were commissioned in 2019.” 

Alex Fraser’s recycled materials are primarily supplied to metropolitan civil construction projects. Murphy said the use of recycled materials is beneficial on a number of fronts.

“Each tonne of recycled material replaces at least one tonne of virgin material,” he said. “In fact the density advantage means that to replace a tonne of recycled material, you often use a bit more than a tonne of virgin material.” 

Following the upgrade, the company has estimated the site’s throughput of more than one million tonnes has been significantly increased – by up to 50 per cent – with the parallel configuration allowing more direct maintenance scheduling. 

Improvements to the Laverton plant are also expected to save energy and reduce emissions, due to its upgraded design, which is less dependent on heavy machinery such as front end loaders. 

Alex Fraser has more improvements in the pipeline for its plants. 

“We have consistently invested in all our sites and there’s always improvements to be made to safety, productivity, and housekeeping,” Murphy said.

“Our immediate focus on keeping our employees, customers and communities safe during this pandemic, but we are continuously working on achieving further safety, sustainability and productivity improvements across the business.”

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