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Toowoomba Council pushes forward Bridge Street Quarry rehabilitation


Toowoomba Regional Council is proposing to introduce a new advisory committee as part of its ongoing bid to rehabilitate an idle quarry into a world-class tourist attraction.

The Bridge Street Quarry was used for more than 100 years and is owned by the Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC), which has been keen for some time to repurpose the inactive site.

TRC mayor Paul Antonio hopes the quarry will be transformed into a tourist attraction in Toowoomba.

Plans for a Bridge Street Quarry Development Advisory Committee have been recently proposed with the TRC to advance the quarry’s rehabilitation process.

The Committee will be instructed to inform the Council on the strategic direction for development of the site that is in line with the Bridge Street Quarry Redevelopment Feasibility Study 2018 (KPMG).

Other requirements include advising the council on funding, recommendations on the development of the site, advising the council on technical work and supplying information to the council on the marketing opportunities of the site.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to do something spectacular in the old quarry site which would bring thousands of visitors to the Toowoomba Region every year,” Antonio said.

“While we may still be in the very early stages of this long-term project, you only have to look at an area like Queens Park to appreciate how important it us for to do the groundwork now.

“Our early pioneers had the foresight and vision to set aside this piece of land in Queens Park and after many years of continued investment by Council and other levels of government, we now have a world-class park. This is the same opportunity we have with the quarry gardens.

“We’ve seen a number of examples across the world at how successful quarry garden projects can be, but it’s important we lay the proper foundation to do this.”

The Bridge Street Quarry Development Advisory Committee will consist of 15 members and up to three external advisors.

“The establishment of an Advisory Committee will support implementation of the project by providing advice to Council on matters affecting the rehabilitation and the initial redevelopment of the site,” Antonio said.

A decision to approve the formation of an advisory committee was scheduled to take place on 21 July but has not (as of time of writing) been officially announced.

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