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WA limestone quarry to be extended


Italia Stone Group has applied for a permit to extend the area around the limestone pit at its Godel Road property in Nowergup, Western Australia.

The permit proposes to clear an extra 24.4 hectares surrounding the limestone pit, with clearing activity proposed to take place over the next decade, from July 2020 to 2030.

Italia Stone Group stated in the application it would use a bulldozer to clear the surrounding area, with overburden and vegetation serving as material to rehabilitate the pit once completed.

“The resource area has been consolidated to the minimum to obtain the limestone, which is in short supply,” the application stated.

Italia Stone Group has been engaging in limestone quarrying activities at its Godel Road and McLennan Drive properties since the 1980s.

The WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation will be taking submissions for the application until 10 July.

None of the 168 plant species found in the area proposed for clearing are positioned in the threatened or priority projection categories.

Australia’s lime market is expected to climb to more than $500 million this decade, a recent report by Coherent Market Insights found.

Italia Stone Group previously secured a $6.76 million contract with the Wanneroo Council in a joint venture with WA Limestone to build and extend groyne work at Quinns Beach.

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