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Widespread workplace screening to prevent COVID-19’s return


Workplace Medicine Australia is encouraging large businesses across the country, which includes those in quarrying and construction, to ward off a possible second wave of COVID-19 by deploying workplace screening. 

Eased restrictions across Australia have brought many people out of their houses and back into their workplaces, with Workplace Medicine Victoria warning businesses must be cautious.   

Workplace Medicine Australia is teaming up with ADG Engineers to produce a digital screening and medical consultation process, which aims to allows businesses to undertake testing and diagnosis for employees.  

“Our platform uses confidential and secure thermal body scanning technology to detect and support employees who present in the workplace with a fever or possible respiratory tract infection, therefore identifying early signs of major health concerns such as COVID-19 or influenza,” Workplace Medicine Australia medical director Scott Allison said. 

“The introduction of COVID-19, on top of the usual cold and flu type sickness we see in the workplace, puts businesses and the Australian economy at even greater risk. 

“There is a sense of concern amongst employers and employees alike, regarding a second-wave outbreak of COVID-19. Screening for illness in the workplace is essential to keep up the great progress we’ve made and maintain a safe workplace environment.”  

The platform offers specific data to employers to help manage and keep track of sick workers.  

“Importantly, we provide confidential aggregated data to the employer, enabling customised metrics to suit the organisation’s reporting needs. This helps employers create a well-informed plan to manage their individual absenteeism and presentism concerns.”  

Employees absent from work cost Australia’s business economy an estimated $7 billion per year, according to the Economic Modelling of the Cost of Presenteeism in Australia: 2011 Update (Medibank, KPMG Econtech) 

Workers present at work but unable to function properly due to illness also has a harrowing impact on the economy, costing approximately $34 billion each year according to AIG Absenteeism & Presenteeism Survey Report 2015.  

 Workplace Medicine Australia stated the service will adhere to medical protocols from the Royal Australian College of General Practice (RACGP) and the Australian Government’s COVID-19 testing procedures.  

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