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Seismologists discover Earth vibrates less as more people stay at home


The sounds of countless cars, trucks, aeroplanes and heavy machinery that make vibrations through the Earth’s crust have diminished as more people are forced to stay inside during the coronavirus pandemic 

Seismologists have discovered a huge reduction in vibrations throughout the Earth’s crust as people hunker down in their homes to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

About half the world’s population has been told to isolate themselves in their homes, according to CBS News.

As a result, the amount of seismic noise – which is caused by the hums of vehicles and people – has come to a steady halt in many countries and has resulted in the planet’s crust moving slightly less.

The drop in vibration was first observed by Royal Observatory of Belgium seismologist Thomas Lecocq, who stated such a dramatic drop in noise usually only occurs at Christmas.

A 30 per cent to 50 per cent reduction in Brussels ambient seismic noise since lockdowns began in mid-March was recorded by the Royal Observatory of Belgium’s surface seismometer.  

Less seismic noise has allowed seismologists to more easily measure quarry blasts, small earthquakes and storms that would have previously been drowned out by the sounds produced by people and transport.

Lecocq told CNN the seismic station in Brussels is usually unable to pick up on seismic noise without a separate borehole station.

“But for the moment, because of the city’s quietness, it’s almost as good as the one on the bottom,” he said.

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