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Rehabilitated quarry to receive huge park upgrade


What was once a clay quarry is now an awardwinning park in the UK town of Newton Abbot, with the area expected to receive a complete overhaul after approval from the local council.  

A UK park that was built on top of a 19th century clay quarry is set for its first upgrade in more than a decade.

Located in the market town of Newton Abbot, Decoy Country Park was once a clay quarry that operated from 1860 to 1965 

Prior to being a quarry, the Decoy area was originally part of an estate owned by the Earls of Devon.

The quarry’s aggregate was dug out by locals and used for bricks, clay pipes, toilets and tea sets.

Once it was decommissioned, the abandoned pit filled with rainwater with the exposed clay becoming vegetation.

Decoy Country Park has since become replenished with an abundance of plants and animals.

“With more than half a million people using the park annually it makes sense from a financial and leisure perspective to invest in these fantastic facilities,” Portfolio holder for sport, recreation and culture,” Cr Andrew MacGregor told the Mid-Devon Advertiser.  

The park offers walking tracks, playing fields and equipment and even a lake supporting water sports activities.

Its main habitats are now ponds, streams, fen, wet woodland and heath woodland.

The park won a Green Flag award, for attracting over 500,000 visitors a year. 

Decoy Country Park today. Image courtesy of Devon Live.

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