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World championships in quarry under threat

The event, listed as one of the most unmissable experiences in Europe, was due to happen on Easdale last weekend. But the owner of the disused quarry wanted to charge a land use fee for the first time in its 15-year history.

Quarry owner Jonathan Feigenbaum threatened legal action if the event took place. However, organizers said it would proceed, despite his threats.

The landowner demanded a land use fee and asked to see a copy of the Eilean Eisdeal Community Trust?s public liability insurance. The trust runs the event.

Feigenbaum said that it was with a heavy heart that he took the steps but he had no real choice and that permission to use any company land or asset had been refused for the purpose of conducting stone skimming championships or indeed any other event.

The Eilean Easdale Community Trust confirmed it had refused to pay the fee for the charity event and had declined to produce its public liability insurance for inspection.

Feigenbaum wanted ?1000 for use of the quarry.

“I think it is a big disappointment. We have run the thing properly and professionally. We get a proper health and safety assessment done and stick to the recommendations in that,? event organiser Donald Melville said.

It appears that islanders on Easdale may look at lodging a community buyout bid for the quarry and Argyll MSP Michael Russell backed the suggestion.

Despite the furore, the organisers said the competition would go ahead as planned.

Sources: BBC News, Scotsman.com

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