Why CMIC12 isn?t just a jaunt away from the office

It is not easy, in our busy working lives, to spend a couple of days away from the quarry or office, particularly to attend a conference.

There is that “very important meeting” or “big job that the boys will need my help on”. And what about the perception that you are “at play” and not at work? I prefer to consider the positives around conferences and the educational benefit of the couple of days away from the office. And surprise, surprise, the place doesn’t crumble around your ankles because you are away for a couple of days!

This week sees the fourth CMIC12 conference in Melbourne. As with the three previous joint IQA and CCAA conferences, the Melbourne event promises to be an excellent experience, offering networking opportunities, educational papers and outstanding social events. A great line-up of exhibitors will also ensure plenty to look at, and learn about, during the breaks.

An exciting list of business, government and community leaders will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing businesses now and into the future. Hanson CEO and CCAA chairman Kevin Gluskie will deliver the conference keynote address and well-credentialed speakers will update us on the delivery of major infrastructure projects, the state of the Australian economy and investment outlook.

Of particular interest to us quarry folk is the visit to Holcim’s Oaklands Junction Quarry, near Melbourne Airport, and presentations on quarry planning and approvals, safety, training and skills and the use of alternative aggregates and sand in concrete. There is something in this technical program for all of us.

As always, professional development points are credited to IQA members for attendance at annual IQA and CMIC conferences.
I hope to catch up with as many of you at the conference this week as possible.

In a departure from tradition, the IQA Board has announced that the 2012 IQA annual general meeting will be held in Brisbane on 2 October. Traditionally, our AGM has taken place at the annual conference but in recent years a shorter conference program has meant the scheduling of the AGM early in the morning or at other less convenient times for members. As a result, very few members get to participate in our AGM.

The decision has been made to hold the AGM before a Queensland branch dinner meeting and to web-stream the event so members can either attend in person or participate via the internet from anywhere in the world. We will be keen to get members’ feedback on this change.

Finally this month, I would like to welcome Rod Lester to the position of IQA company secretary. Rod joined us in August and brings a wealth of experience in financial management and corporate governance to the IQA through his experience as a chief financial officer and company secretarial roles with major companies, most recently in the mining industry.

Wayne Scott
Institute of Quarrying Australia

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