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Wheel loaders with power-split transmission

Liebherr XPower is an integrated machine concept that is said to set new standards in terms of fuel efficiency, performance, robust design and comfort.

The new wheel loader series features a power-split transmission that combines hydrostatic drive, which is ideal for material uptake and travelling over short distances, with mechanical drive, the advantages of which come to the fore over long distances and when driving on gradients.

The combination of these two drive types in a single wheel loader improves efficiency and delivers fuel savings in all applications, enabling operators to reduce their fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent.

In addition, the XPower series has improved buckets for fast material penetration, a reinforced lift arm for larger loads, and a selective catalytic reduction diesel system that reduces harmful exhaust emissions.

The XPower series includes the L 550, L 556, L 566, L 576, L 580 and L 586 wheel loader models.


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