Wheel loader with customer-inspired enhancements

Building on the strengths of the K-series, the 844K-II integrates customer-inspired enhancements and upgrades that meet the demands of owners and operators and the challenges of the evolving job site.
Improvements to the 844K-II wheel loader include new heavier duty axles, better stability and a six per cent boost to full turn tip load capacity and low profile tyres. The new higher capacity axles boast standard temperature monitoring and automatic cooling and filtration.
The new, optional low profile tyres increase stability and full turn tip load. The 844K-II is also equipped with new five-piece rims that provide maximum tyre to rim contact to prevent bead slippage.
The updated model retains many features of the original 844K, from the Quad-Cool system with reversing fan, which provides wide open access to both sides of the coolers for easy cleanout and easy to read diagnostic monitors, to NeverGrease pin joints that keep joints tighter for more productive operation.
Standard productivity-enhancing features include joystick steering with integral forward/neutral/reverse, advanced LCD colour monitor, sealed switch module, ride control and hydraulic controls integrated into the deluxe heated seat.
Productivity options also include the choice between five forward gears with a lock-up converter and three reverse gears, or four speeds forward with a three-speed reverse. In addition, the industry exclusive radar object detection system is integrated into the optional rear view camera.?
Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia)

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