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Weighing system offers gains in earthmoving applications

By using Loadrite?s payload monitoring features to set benchmarks and measure productivity, quarry operators can reduce load and haul cycle times, which in turn increases daily productivity, reduces wear and tear on equipment and minimises the chance of fines and wasted time due to trucks being overloaded.
?The first step towards improving your load and haul process is to understand how productive your loaders are, including how much fuel they use and how much material they move,? Chisholm said.
?The next step is using that information to make changes where necessary to improve efficiency and reduce costs.?
By tracking the amount of material moved per hour to measure productivity and set benchmarks, operators can see underperformance and make appropriate adjustments to ensure all equipment is working to its optimum efficiency. 
An on-board weighing system such as those offered by Loadrite can be used to calculate the weight of material in a loader?s bucket, relay this information to the operator and record the weight for later use. 
?Being able to track the amount of material moved per hour can then be used internally as part of an overall business analysis to measure productivity and set benchmarks,? Chisholm said.
?Once you know your benchmark productivity rates, it?s also easy to identify equipment that is underperforming, which sets off a trigger for an investigation into the underlying causes. These causes can vary widely, from operator error to equipment failure.
?The Loadrite system measures the cycle times between each loading event, which can show how efficiently the material is being moved. Shorter and consistent cycle times generally point to a more efficient and therefore more profitable operation.? 
The system helps reduce fuel use, which is another major component of the costs related to load and haul. By using an accurate on-board weighing system, operators can ensure trucks are filled correctly the first time, with no productivity lost due to under loading or overloading.
?By loading trucks correctly from the outset, unnecessary truck movement is reduced as there?s no need to turn around for either a refill or a removal of material once the trucks get to the weighbridge,? Chisholm said.
?Tyre damage on trucks can also be reduced. Providing accurate and consistent weight measurement from the outset allows operators to set the correct target weight for the loader bucket to accurately load the truck. Because the truck?s tyres are inflated correctly to carry a certain weight, they can be damaged when carrying too much weight. So once the loader is set for optimal efficiency, you can potentially prolong the life of the tyres.? 
Chisholm said Loadrite?s on-board weighing system could be configured to provide the data needed for any operation. 
?Our expert distributors work with project managers to identify the configuration that will give them the information they need. We work with fleet managers individually to ensure the system meets the needs of their business. Our aim is to ensure the data collected provides real value to increase productivity and profitability over the lifecycle of the machine.?
Source: Actronic Technologies

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