Weighbridge system helps boost bottom line

The Drive and Weigh 9000E incorporates the IT9000E weighing terminal display and can assist quarry operators in avoiding fines for both axle and total load infringements.

The weigh-in-motion weighbridge helps prevent underloading, encouraging plant operators to improve efficiencies by maximising payloads.

In eliminating overloading, the Drive and Weigh 9000E can also deliver improved site safety, which can have a positive impact for insurance purposes.

The weighbridge can be used for both road-legal vehicles as well as heavy-capacity, off-road trucks.

When configured with two Drive and Weigh 9000E platforms in a common concrete foundation, the weighbridge system is capable of weighing trucks with axle group loads in excess of 80 tonnes.

Each application is engineer-designed to accommodate the specific criteria of the haul fleet.

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