Wash plant turns heads at Hillhead

  1. Capital outlay. Traditional aggregate wash plants have purchase budget costs measured in millions. Even for directors of established companies, this can be viewed as too risky, on top of introducing a new, experimental process.
  2. Static nature of plant. With existing so-called “mobile” or “modular” systems, set-up times can commonly run into weeks. When they are installed, they require considerable site input in terms of civil engineering and planning compliance. The reverse is true as well; once the plant is in and running it is a huge upheaval to move it to another location.
  3. Size of plant. In many cases companies simply have not had the room to consider washing.
  4. Complexity of operation. Some plant and equipment is just too advanced for the operator.

However, the WashPod, developed by UK-based Bruce Engineering, can produce two aggregates up to 80 tonnes per hour and one or two sand products up to 40 tph.

It has been made simple, with a clear and accessible operator interface in conjunction with plug and play operations, easy transport options, a small footprint (the size of a shipping container) and compatibility with Bruce’s range of silt management solutions. It is a self-sufficient option for operators.

The WashPod can be used in a range of applications – including aggregate scrubbing, aggregate rinsing/sizing and sand production – to manufacture sized gravel and sand products and quality concrete aggregates.

One of the first WashPods in the world has already been purchased by Barr Quarries in Scotland.

Operating from 12 sites in southwest Scotland, Barr provides a wide range of heavy side construction materials including asphalt, concrete, stone, sand and gravel, recycled construction materials and soils.

Barr identified a need for a compact washing plant, and when Bruce unveiled its new, innovative design, the WashPod was exactly what it needed.

“We believe the WashPod’s mobility is a real plus,” Barr Quarries director Colin Morrow said. “It enables us to set up quickly, wash and move on to the next site without the normal high transport costs. We will use this equipment to continue to deliver benefit to our customers in the markets we serve.”

Bruce officially launched the WashPod to much interest at Hillhead 2014 in June.

“We had a lot of interest in the WashPod and received a number of good leads and inquiries from high quality visitors,” Bruce’s marketing and dealer support manager Caroline Slane said.

In Australia, Perth-based 888 Crushing and Screening Equipment will distribute the WashPod. 

Source: Bruce Engineering/888CSE

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