Upskill your maintenance team to reduce downtime

While past trends in preventative maintenance practices have seen significant reliability and cost improvements, the latest research tells us many companies are not investing in upskilling due to their reduced maintenance labour force and tight production schedules. Therefore, it is important to ensure and maximise the skill set and capability of the existing maintenance workforce.

On-site and in-house cost-effective training is the solution. MRO solutions training has the potential to save costs, improve efficiencies, improve worker skill levels, safety and productivity, and deliver reliability to quarry plants with benefits companies simply cannot afford to overlook.

{{image2-a:r-w:250}}Using the right products to properly maintain equipment is vital to the overall profitability and success of any businesses.

Giving workers who are in contact with this equipment the necessary knowledge, skills, products and training for maintenance can help deliver better equipment performance and reliability.

Equipment that is maintained poorly can cost companies tens of thousands of dollars. For example, a hydraulic hose leak at one drop per second based on a raw cost of $12 per litre equates to $18,396 lost per year. Similarly, an air leak of 1mm at 600kPa at 15c/kWh can cost $360 per year. And in the competitive economic landscape of today, every dollar counts.


You only get out what you put in, and this methodology of training has been practised by LOCTITE for many years now, with an ongoing commitment to education using engineering adhesives, sealants and composite repair technologies.

LOCTITE Maintenance and Reliability Workshops (MRW) offer a unique customer training service that has been successfully running for more than a decade in Australia and New Zealand. It can be tailored to meet the needs of any plant/workshop and is conducted on-site, providing hands-on training to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance operations, with reviews of common failure causes and prevention methods.

Attendees of the MRW can learn the best practices in MRO, as well as the latest technology in engineering adhesives, sealants and composites.

Subjects covered in the training include threadlocking, thread sealing, lubrication, gasketing, retaining and bonding.

Attendees gain insight into areas such as how a threaded fastener works, why gaskets fail, causes of leaks, potential fit problems and the possible solutions of retaining, why assemblies seize, bonding basics and much more.

The MRW covers many industries including manufacturing, quarry and mining, energy and food processes, and is suitable for all levels of personnel. Two hours of hands-on training and an in-plant pre-site visit and follow up will give your workforce the knowledge and tools to save time and improve reliability and equipment safety. 

When it comes to enhancing the skills of workers in MRO, quarry managers and maintenance engineers need look no further for a training solution that can also deliver cost savings and provide reliability to their plant. 

Vaughan Bartleson is the Victoria/Tasmania LOCTITE key account manager for quarries, mining and power at Henkel Australia and a certified MRW trainer for quarry operations in Victoria/Tasmania.

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