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Toughbooks for tough terrain

Panasonic offers a wide range of laptops and an Android tablet in its Toughbook range that comes with a three-year international warranty, 24/7 technical support and fast turnaround should the PC need attention.

Panasonic?s new FZ-A1 Panasonic Toughpad is a rugged and security integrated Android tablet designed to be more durable than consumer-grade tablets. It boasts a number of unique security, functionality and reliability features ? including a heat-treated hardened glass display designed to resist high impacts and chip-embedded security to foil hackers.

Panasonic?s Toughbook PCs have fully sealed hinges that are dust and water resistant, with environmental seals to protect the multimedia pocket, PC card slots and all ports and connectors from moisture and dust.

The keyboards are sealed as are touchpads and an encased quick-release hard drive is shock-mounted to insulate it against vibration and drop-shock. Flexible connectors between the hard drive and system board protect against shock as well.

These Toughbooks also come with an optional backlit keyboard for easy use during night time, without impairing night vision. Panasonic CircuLumin and TransflectivePlus technologies provide easily readable displays in all conditions including direct sunlight.

A screen film protects the touchscreen from scratches and wear, while a magnesium alloy case protects against bumps, drops and knocks.

Key Panasonic Toughpad features include:

–    An anti-glare low-reflection screen and high brightness LCD which can be viewed in even harsh lighting.
–    A high precision multi-touch screen and stylus which can be used to accurately capture information such as signatures or detailed drawings.
–    A security processor in the chip which protects against hacking and is extremely useful should a device containing sensitive or confidential information be lost.
–    A robust fully-rugged design that can withstand 1.2 metre drops and is sealed against dust and water spills.
–    A satellite-based GPS and optional embedded 3G mobile broadband.
–    A long-life battery designed to operate for around 10 hours.

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