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Topcon laser boosts battery life

TPS claims the RL-H4C, a new self-leveling rotating laser, ?sets a new industry standard?, offering a significantly longer range, higher accuracy and improved self-leveling, combined with its more powerful battery.

?The RL-H4C has the longest battery life in its class: 100 hours with the four D-size alkaline batteries, or 60 hours with the optional Ni-MH rechargeable battery kit,? said construction product marketing manager Tony Vanneman.

The California-based company claims it has ?completely redesigned? each one of the RL-H4C?s components in an attempt to both improve and offer the system more affordably.  

Thanks to the overhaul, the RL-H4C boasts a ?10 arc-seconds horizontal accuracy and ?5 degrees self-leveling range when used in concert with the LS-80L laser receiver.

?Because the RL-H4C combines slope functionality and long-range capabilities in a single laser, it is versatile enough to handle machine guidance, site grading, setting up concrete work for foundations and footings, checking site excavations and all types of leveling jobs,? said Ben Davis, construction products manager with Australian distributor, Position Partners.

The laser?s rugged IP66 standard protection will effortlessly withstand both dust and water, although it?s covered by a standard five-year warranty. Davis commented that contractors could be confident in taking the RL-H4C on-site, knowing their equipment was well-protected.

?Topcon has long set the standard in the construction laser market, and that standard continues with the RL-H4C,? said Davis.
Source: Topcon Positioning Systems,

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