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The Odd Rock: A turtle tougher than concrete

The turtle survived tonnes of crushing forces, high impacts, near misses with powerful machinery and being violently immersed and mixed in with caustic, hot concrete.

After being inadvertently loaded with a Caterpillar front end loader at least twice, the turtle was carried in a truck full of aggregate, dumped three times from a height of at least four metres, run through a concrete batching plant and then deposited into the back of a ready mix truck where he was mixed with tonnes of aggregate and cement.

The turtle was finally rescued at a job site in Hamilton, Bermuda when he fell from the ready mix truck?s chute and then proceeded to walk away under his own power. He was recovered by an employee of Bermudan company Bierman?s Concrete Products Limited and is now living out his days in the employee?s terrarium.

In recent months Bermuda has experienced an influx of baby green sea turtles stranded on its beaches.

The Bermudan Department of Conservation Services is uncertain why they have been so prolific but speculates that the growing numbers in Florida have forced many into the Atlantic, via the Gulf Stream.

Source: Aggregate Research/Bierman?s Concrete Products Limited

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