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Surface drill offers safer operation, automation features

The P&H 77XR blasthole drill, with 35 tonnes of maximum bit loading capacity, can be configured for rotary or hammer drilling, diesel or electric power, and single- or multi-pass drilling. This machine is designed to deliver up to 10 per cent maintenance and repair cost advantages and up to 5 per cent availability advantage.

Komatsu’s new bit carousel system eliminates the need to change bits manually, speeding up the drilling process and minimising the operator’s handling of bits, reducing the risk of strain or injury.

Several other smart features are available for the drill to facilitate improved cycle times, including enhanced auto-drill and electronic load sense control. The 77XR is compatible with Komatsu’s new high precision GPS tele-remote operation console and automation solution, which includes features such as geo-fencing, auto-navigation, obstacle detection and mitigation, and Hawkeye 360 camera system.



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