Suppliers align under one banner for improved solutions

The collaboration of the Australian subsidiaries of Steinert, Hazemag and allmineral has seen their combined business know-how, product solutions and services come together under the management of Steinert Australia.

The alignment of the three companies gives Steinert Australia the ability to offer customers added value for these brands by delivering a wider, more efficient service network throughout Australia. A similar alliance exists very successfully in other parts of the world for Steinert Australia’s counterparts, including IMS Engineering in South Africa.

This arrangement came into effect on 1 September, 2016. Steinert Australia, based in Melbourne, now controls and manages all aspects of the Australian operations of Hazemag, and allmineral product support and services.

“By combining the strengths of these established German-originated and now global companies, we will be able to offer customers added value by providing a much larger service network throughout Australia and being able to pass on savings from reduced overheads,” Steinert Australia’s managing director Johan van Zyl said.

“Individually these companies are all highly respected mineral processing equipment suppliers, which together can offer synergy of their technologies for process solutions. Dry processing utilising ore sorting and dry jigging is just one example of the unique combinations for mineral beneficiation that Steinert Australia can now offer.

“We’re in an increasingly competitive global arena, and in this current environment it makes so much more sense to join forces to provide the market with more accessible and aligned industry solutions.”

The alignment of these well-known companies is expected to deliver benefits to construction materials customers throughout Australia.

“Getting to understand and work with customers’ diverse and regional requirements remains our common goal,” van Zyl said.

“By adding Hazemag and allmineral products, services and knowledge to the mix, Steinert Australia can now offer even more workable solutions,” van Zyl added.

“As we continue to research and develop our combined solutions collectively, one of the key benefits is to sustain and increase our customers’ long term profitability. This alliance can only further strengthen Steinert Australia’s commitment to its customers by offering innovative solutions and expertise throughout Australia, with a wider range of integrated products and services.”

Source: Steinert Australia

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