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Supplier offers ?one-stop shop? for conveyor belts

The Australian quarrying industry is starting to take notice of Lincom’s relatively new service, which belting division manager Jim Brown told Quarry was the culmination of a natural progression that started in the family business’s early days.

“Lincom has been involved in the crushing and screening business for more than 30 years, and conveyor belts are an integral part of this,” he said.

“At first Lincom serviced their own machines, then customers’ machines as the business grew. As a natural evolution of the business, it was evident that Lincom could supply a service to all plant and all customers, be it mobile or static.”

A ‘one-stop shop’
Brown explained that in March this year, Lincom decided to take a “more professional and structured view” in order to grow the business and to “provide a level of service we knew that the market desired”.

He said that this level of service not only provides competitive pricing for exceptional belt and installation quality but that it puts a strong emphasis on the customer as well. {{image2-A:R-w:250}}

“This business is all about customer service,” Brown said. “It’s not just at the point of sale. The relationships and the service extend far beyond this with long-standing, loyal, repeat customers.”

Lincom’s new offering incorporates a range of conveyor belt services, including patching and preventative maintenance. This can help reduce downtime, increase productivity, reduce operational costs and lengthen the service life of a conveyor belt.

The business’s splicers have more than 25 years of combined experience, offering fast, accurate and – most importantly – safe hot and cold splicing.

Lincom has also partnered with Ireland-based Smiley Monroe, which has a wealth of conveyor belt knowledge and supplies most of the major original equipment manufacturers in the mobile crushing and screening industries. Through its partner’s in-house laboratories, Lincom is able to provide belt testing services to ensure compliance with DIN and ISO standards, as well as full test certification for its own entire range of belts.

“There aren’t many applications or installation situations that we cannot overcome and provide a world-class solution for in the shortest timeframe and at a cost to suit the market,” Brown said. “There is a well-worn saying in the industry about a ‘one-stop shop’ but in reality we can do this. We can supply the machine, the service, the parts and the belts.”

Extensive branch network
Lincom is headquartered in Narangba in southeast Queensland, but also has branches in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Auckland and Christchurch, with agents operating in Tasmania, South Australia, northern Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Given Lincom’s broad Australasian reach, Brown said it is “not impossible for us to be anywhere at any time”.

“With our extensive Lincom branch network we are capable of offering service where others might not be as efficient,” he explained. “As long as the logistics and costs are acceptable, we can perform any belt job in any location, and all of our people are supported by fully equipped professional service/installation vehicles that are upgraded regularly.”

Brown added that Lincom is continually looking at areas in which they can further expand, with a long-term view of expanding its market share across Australia and New Zealand as well as Papua New Guinea.

“However, one thing we will not forget as we grow are the foundations upon which the business is built – quality, service, loyalty and professionalism,” he said.

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