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Supplier offers innovation award for IQA members

The Trimble Loadrite Innovation Award expands from its previous focus on “LEAN productivity” to now include a wider range of improvement projects that show innovation.

“Innovation is playing a growing role in the production of aggregates in Australia,” Dale Cameron, Trimble’s aggregates regional manager, said. “As companies seek to maximise productivity and profit, it’s creativity and innovation around existing processes that is paying the biggest dividend.”

Innovation is a key driver of business competitiveness and economic growth. According to the Australian Innovation System Report 20161, Australian innovation-active businesses versus non-innovation-active businesses reported increases in performance of:

  • 1.4 times higher income from the sales of goods or services.

  • Two times higher productivity.

  • 1.4 times higher profitability.

“The paradigm imperative has shifted in business thinking,” IQA CEO Paul Sutton said. “Quarries can no longer afford to be focused on profit alone. The decisions related to a quarry’s innovative foresight and practices have never been more critical than now. If a quarrying business is focused on providing a valued return on investment, then it follows that it is imperative to embed innovation as part of daily work practice for all employees in the business.”

{{image2-a:l-w:300}}“Trimble’s Loadrite products continue to innovate and help quarries improve their operations,” Cameron said. “This makes Trimble the ideal choice to sponsor this award and we are pleased to help the IQA recognise those businesses that use innovation as a tool to improve performance and service to customers.”

In 2015 Rodney Kazem won the Trimble Loadrite LEAN Principles Award for his role in leading and suppoting his team towards its goal of “being number one” in safety, quality, customer service and efficiency.

“To achieve our goal, to ‘be the best’, obviously you need a good team, which I’m lucky enough to have, but you always have to continually improve,” Kazem said. “You can’t sit still and we always need to ask ourselves what we can do better. My team and I always research new technology and ideas to make tasks easier, safer and more efficient.”

In his submission, Kazem highlighted the importance of listening to employee suggestions and keeping all members of staff involved in making operations more efficient.

“Projects and innovation play an important part in the organisation’s future performance,” Kazem said. “By involving staff, they are able to improve their own work processes, make their roles safer, easier and more efficient.

“Also, keeping them engaged increases morale and job satisfaction and creates a sense of ownership. Employees feel they’re positively influencing the organisation, which leads to a stronger performing business.”

The winning Trimble Loadrite Innovation Award entry will demonstrate excellence and innovation in the quarry industry. The contribution can be for innovation in design, production, operations, automation, plant design, maintenance or processes as a single event or for a longer term contribution.

The successful applicant will be judged against the following demonstrable criteria:

  • Originality.

  • Consultation undertaken.

  • Personal involvement level.

  • Transferability.

  • Evidence of a measured outcome.

  • Impact or influence.

  • Cost-effectiveness.

Since 1979 Loadrite has been designing, developing and manufacturing applied technology solutions to improve productivity in the aggregates, mining, waste management, forestry and other industries.

Loadrite load weighing technology and payload information systems are installed on wheel loaders, excavators, garbage trucks and other heavy loading equipment to ensure optimal loads, and provide quality data for productivity analysis.

Loadrite is a specialist in the field of measurement, and was acquired by Trimble in June 2013.

From purpose-built products to enterprise life cycle solutions, Trimble software, hardware and services are transforming a broad range of industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation and logistics.

Core technologies in positioning, modelling, connectivity and data analytics enable customers to improve productivity, quality, safety and sustainability.


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