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Supplier increases focus on component management

Komatsu Australia now offers six component management options designed to accommodate the varied needs and working environments of its different customers.

Tom Zube, Komatsu Australia’s general manager of product management components, said customers sometimes used components beyond the recommended replacement point in an effort to reduce costs.

“This creates the potential for undue wear or damage to components, leading to more expensive repairs, reduced efficiency and even a risk to safety,” he explained. “Our solution is to take our product range and component offerings and deliver them in a different way.”

Komatsu’s Component Solutions options include:

  • New components – New, genuine components can be purchased, with 10 per cent credit awarded for the return of used components.
  • Remanufactured components – A component can be switched out for one that has been remanufactured to meet Komatsu’s OEM specifications.
  • Komponent Exchange (single) – A single component can be changed out using a Komatsu remanufactured product, with the variable repair cost based on the condition of the returned component.
  • Komponent Exchange (fleet) – Components can be changed out across a fleet, with the customer given a choice of specifying its own customised scope of work or leveraging Komatsu’s quality standards. The customer’s “own iron” can also be reused with this option.
  • Rebuild or repair and return – The customer can define its own scope of works.
  • Used components – Used Komatsu components can be purchased, said to offer “a dependable, off-the-shelf alternative at a competitive price”.
Quarry solutions

While Zube said the expansion of Component Solutions was part of Komatsu’s commitment to better serve the needs of its customers across all industries, he believed the new options would be of particular interest to quarry customers.

“[Our quarry customers] are meeting the challenges of high demand for their products, while ensuring they minimise costs and maximise uptime for their production equipment,” he stated.

“As a company that can provide a full range of options across the whole country for our customers, we have worked hard to develop solutions to reduce costs, lower risks and cater to a cross-section of diverse and unique business needs. Komatsu Component Solutions offers a way for customers to determine which option best suits them.

“This offering is an important contributor to Komatsu’s vision to become indispensable to our customers by providing Komatsu quality and the productivity, reliability and safety that is built into every Komatsu process,” Zube added.

All Component Solutions options are covered by Komatsu’s extended warranty.

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