Strong man pulls Komatsu into line

Le Roux towed a Komatsu WA480 wheel loader six metres along the Komatsu Wacol branch driveway. His only help came from a rope tied to the wheel loader, a ladder attached to the ground to aid with footing, and the cheers from his colleagues.

The Komatsu WA480 wheel loader weighs more than 30 tonnes, a relatively easy assignment considering he has shifted an 80-tonne truck in the past, but a good way to warm up for the World?s Strongest Man competition in Los Angeles later this month.

An 11-litre 224-kilowatt diesel engine usually supplies the Komatsu WA480 with power when Le Roux, who works as a fitter at the Wacol remanufacturing facility, is not available for pulling duties.

To keep in shape, Le Roux uses a 90kg dumbbell at home, and is able to dead-lift up to 400kg on a barbell.

He has been lifting at a competitive level for around four years and now competes in tournaments on a yearly basis.

While this is not a method of moving equipment around the facility that is condoned by either WorkSafe or Komatsu, the company is happy to be able to support Le Roux?s achievements.

Dean Gaedtke, Komatsu Australia?s Queensland regional general manager, said Komatsu was proud of Le Roux?s individual achievements and is keen to offer its support.

?This event was a lot of fun, and everybody enjoyed seeing Eben in action,? Gaedtke said. ?We?re wishing him all the best for success in Los Angeles.?

Source: Komatsu Australia

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