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Stolen excavator uncovered by Komtrax

The PC18 MR-3 excavator?s owners were stunned to hear the machine had been nicked, as the burglars wore high-visibility clothing and waved to security guards as they drove away.

The guards noticed that the excavator had been pinched the next morning when they noticed the keys to the truck and machine were hanging on the office wall.

When the branch manager of Christchurch?s Clarke Machine Hire, Paul Stockdale, informed the police of the theft, Komatsu discovered the unit, identified its current address and sent an aerial photo to his phone within 30 minutes.

Along with the excavator, police discovered cash, drugs and a cannabis farm.

New Zealand has experienced a spate of equipment  theft in recent months, with four stolen in recent months.

“Out of the four stolen in recent times, Clarke Machine Hire’s was the only one recovered, because of Komtrax,” said Stockdale.

The Komtrax system uses GPS tracking and specialised diagnostic sensors to monitor its operating data, including machine location, working conditions, engine temperature and fuel consumption. While the service is designed to monitor a machine?s working status, the system also provides some benefits when excavators unexpectedly go missing.

Source: Komatsu Customer Care

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