Static, mobile producers collaborate on screen design

At the heart of these German-designed and constructed mobile plants are twin-deck high performance screenboxes combined with state of the art flip-flow technology on the top and bottom decks.

{{image2-a:r-w:250}}The machines’ processing capabilities and application flexibility make them the only all-in-one mobile solutions for processing difficult waste, recycling, slag, construction and demolition materials and aggregate, particularly in wet, moist and sticky conditions.

The tried and tested 3D and flip-flow technology provides operators with virtually blockage-free screening in the upper and lower decks. Even large grained material can pass on a screening machine with a flip-flow screen deck. The screening desk with 3D screen segments, which is positioned above the flip-flow screen deck to form a cascade, protects and reduces stress on the flip-flow screen mats. Their service life is increased and optimal screening results are guaranteed.

The 3D screen segments with maximum open screen area can be changed quickly and simply thanks to the modular construction. They promise accurate screening with no long pieces passing into the middle grade material.

The wear-resistant screen mats on the 3D flip-flow screen are fastened without screws and have no edges that could cause difficulties, ensuring an efficient material flow. The screening mats’ high acceleration forces ensure accurate screening and create a self-cleaning effect that prevents blinding. The screen mats can also be changed quickly, reducing maintenance times.

As on standard Terex Finlay mobile units, the screenbox discharge end on the 883+ Spaleck can be hydraulically raised 500mm to facilitate efficient and easy media access and changing.

The Terex Finlay 693+ Spaleck and the 883+ Spaleck are available for purchase in Australia. All Terex Finlay mobile products are distributed by Finlay Screening & Crushing in the eastern states and OPS Screening & Crushing Equipment in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Source: Terex Finlay

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