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Start-up company reaps benefits of loader scale technology

The Alpha 100 system is a trade approved loader scale solution that enables users to transact their weight records. By connecting to the machine’s hydraulic system, the Loadmaster Alpha 100 delivers high accuracy weight information that responds to the machine’s temperature, speed and the terrain, to always ensure precise results.

When it came to choosing a loader scale system, OxRocks manager Warren Sagar opted for Loadmaster because of the service and support he received from Position Partners.

“I tried to get a quote from another supplier but, aside from one email from them, I haven’t heard a peep,” Sagar said.

“Position Partners’ team couldn’t have been more different. Their sales manager came to visit me in person to discuss my needs, he followed up with me, and the system was installed and working within two weeks. I was very impressed.”

As with any new technology, OxRocks needed some support and training initially to get going with the system.

{{image2-a:r-w:300}}“Their installer and technical expert put the system on despite bad weather and spent the best part of a day with me to give me product training on how to program in the products and download data to a USB and so on,” Sagar said. “Position Partners also sat down with my partner, who does our accounts, and explained how to use the reports, so she’s very happy and comfortable with our new setup.”

The aftermarket support Sagar has received made “all the difference”.

“About four days after it had been installed, I got a follow-up call to check how everything was going and their technical guy dropped in when he was in the area to see if I needed a hand with anything. I can’t fault that kind of support and it means a lot when you’re a small business to have that kind of relationship with your suppliers.”

When it comes to the benefits of the technology, Sagar notes the Loadmaster Alpha 100 is reducing chain of responsibility risk significantly.

“Before we had the Loadmaster system, we were calculating each bucket by eye, which carries a high degree of risk, because we could be liable if a truck was found to be overloaded,” he said.

“For a small business, that risk would have a significant impact on our bottom line if something went wrong, so now we’ve eliminated it with accurate records proving that we are loading trucks correctly and evenly.”

In addition to risk management, the new hydraulic machine scale is saving the company a significant amount of material and therefore money.

“After having it installed, I calculated that before we had this system we were overloading every bucket by around 20 per cent,” Sagar said.

“When you add that up over a month, we’re saving a significant amount now that we’re loading and charging for the correct amount. And every truckload counts!”

Having had the system for a month, Sagar says it is paying for itself in saved materials.

The third major benefit for OxRocks is the ability to provide accurate reporting.

“We have consent from Environment Canterbury to extract material from the nearby river, which we pay for via a royalty,” Sagar said.

Accurate weight records supplied by the Loadmaster system make settling OxRocks’ account with the council fair and transparent.

“My paper-based record keeping system wouldn’t cut it, but with Loadmaster the process works really well, as we simply download the data to a USB and print if off for them,” he said. “The system has been a real winner for us and I would recommend Position Partners to any other company wanting to get great back-up support.”

Source: Position Partners

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