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Social media, put your mind to it

You would think there is nothing all that exciting about white flour but a company in the US has talked it up by using social media and content marketing correctly.
King Arthur Flour has nailed both social media and content marketing better than most large companies in Australia have done with much more interesting products. The secret is to stop concentrating on telling people how good your product is and start working on what the audience wants to know.
In the case of flour, its content strategy was to educate the public on cooking with flour, celebrate the art of baking and generally build and cultivate a community of people who are interested in baking.
By educating its audience, King Arthur Flour published interesting, informative stories using a variety of media, including running a baking education centre, a schools-based ?Life Skills Bread Baking Program? and a series of travelling, free baking demos.
In terms of social media, the company is thriving with a Facebook community of almost 90,000 people. Many of the company updates attract between 70 and 100 comments. Unlike ?likes?, comments demonstrate a deeper level of engagement on the part of consumers.
The brand is also more active on Twitter than most companies; it has tweeted more than 5500 times and boasts 14,000+ followers.
And to cap everything off, King Arthur features on its website a forum-based community area where consumers and B2B customers can ask questions, share recipes and start discussions around baking and running a bakery business.
Connecting with the marketplace and building a sense of community via multiple social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is not rocket science but it does require planning and dedication to the task.
The quarry industry can take heart from the King Arthur Flour experience when it comes to marketing to customers and the broader community. Social media is an important platform for promoting product to customers specifically and for informing, educating and engaging the community in general. As “boring” as aggregate may seem, King Arthur Flour has demonstrated that you can transform a product’s appeal with an innovative, positive and proactive strategy.
To read more about about King Arthur Flour, visit the Leading Company website or visit the King Arthur Flour website.
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