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Separating coarse from fines

The MAX series is capable of separating coarse feed materials from finer materials. Available in a range of sizes, from 5m x 2m to 7.3m x 2.4m, these screens are a low headroom design, engineered to fit into existing structures and operations with no rework.

Each screen is built with maximum steel strength to withstand heavy loading, with the durability to provide longer wear life.

The vibrating screen is designed to be durable for the longest useful wear life, and with maximum strength steel to withstand heavy loading. The side plates are of a fully bolted construction that reduces/eliminates crack propagation due to stress risers in the steel caused by welding, and provides the ability to quickly replace worn components without cutting.

These side plates also utilise an A572 Grade 50 plate, giving a 45 per cent higher yield strength than traditional A36 plating.

Designed with operator safety in mind, the side plates feature cross-beam inspection ports that allow operators to inspect inside tubes for failure when the tube is not visible due to abrasion resistant lining, eliminating the need for operators to crawl between decks for inspections.

Foreign material that can corrode or abrade the inside of the cross-members can be flushed out via cross-beam inspection ports.

One of the most important design features of the MAX series vibrating screens is the independent cross-members. These allow operators to replace worn sections of the screen individually without needing to replace the entire deck frame. The replacement cross-members are shorter and have machined and matched shims to allow easy installation in areas with limited clearance.

Additionally, this screen design was engineered with a direct drive system that eliminates the requirement for a pivoting motor base to keep belt tension on start-up.

This unique drive system eliminates many of the issues that can make screens troublesome to maintain and cause them to fail over time.

Operators looking to upgrade their screening operations can have a solution that fits directly into their operation, with no rework to existing structures. MAX series vibrating screens make it easy to get more out of the screen without needing to change the entire operation. Operators can be assured they are getting a solution that will give them more uptime, easier maintenance and a safer working environment.  

Source: McLanahan Corporation

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