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Screen media with safety in mind

Australian quarry sites are renowned for their diligence around safety requirements. They induct visitors to site, provide appropriate PPE and ensure procedures and systems are regularly reviewed to meet best practice.

{{image2-a:r-w:300}}However, the operations team may not necessarily have safety at top of mind when selecting screening media, where efficiency and delivery lead times have traditionally been the drivers of choice.

The choice of screening media has particular safety implications in relation to screen changeout, where maintenance teams have to manoeuvre large screens to remove the worn screen and commission the replacement.

Locker Group’s range of screening products is custom-designed to meet individual requirements and industry standards, making operations safer and more efficient. For new, improved options, there are a number of suitable polyurethane products, eg:

  • Poly modular. Polyurethane screening is available in modular panels for flat or trommel screen decks, as well as side or wear liners and fixing systems.

{{image3-a:r-w:300}}Poly products are precisely tailored to the producer’s specifications. An engineering team will analyse the screening process to assess the required aperture size and shape, and the polyurethane mixture that will work to maximise efficiency and durability. Panels are injection-molded for consistent construction.

This technology means surface features can be incorporated into the tiles’ design rather than attached later, giving a stronger product.

Individual worn panels can be removed and replaced with ease, negating the need to replace the complete screen deck. Modular panels are traditionally 25mm x 25mm (1’ x 1’) or 50mm x 25mm (2’ x 1’), meaning they can be easily handled by one person, unlike traditional screens, which require mechanical assistance and three points of contact.

  • Poly ripple. Often selected for inherent flexibility, poly ripple screens offer a bridge between the durability of traditional wire screens and flexibility of polyurethane screening. Covering a broad range of aperture sizes and wire diameters, Locker poly ripple screens are easy to identify, with their red polyurethane strips and borders that allow the individual wires to move and flex as the product is screened.

A reduction in the potential for pegging and blinding reduces the requirement for cleaning and maintenance, particularly in wet and sticky environments.

  • Tufflex. Tufflex poly-coated screens are the latest innovation in screening. Made from incredibly durable polyurethane coated wire and synthetic rope, they are available fully or partially welded, depending on the application and regional requirements.

Partially welded screens are welded at every fifth crosspoint to provide industry-leading flexibility. The strands are also manoeuvrable during screening, to ensure consistent flow and to avoid pegging issues.

Light and easy to remove, the screens can be rolled up and carried, further aiding in improving workplace health and safety compliance.

{{image4-a:r-w:300}}Tufflex screens are ideal in maintaining productivity, with their flexibility and abrasion resistance essential in minimising equipment downtime and maintenance. In addition, Tufflex offers formidable wear life improvement, when installed correctly. Now widely in use, Tufflex is customisable to provide longer life to suit site specifications.

Quarry operations require products that can deliver durability and are highly functional, all with unique and important functions.

From the largest piece of machinery to the smallest rubber capping, each item is essential for success. Locker Group can supply a range of extractive screening accessories to cover a producer’s smallest problems, so managers and employees can focus on the big things.

From capping rubber to poly spray nozzles, Locker’s range of durable and abrasion resistant products will ensure screening operations can work to full capacity without the need for constant replacement and renewal. These accessories are designed to industry specifications, and are made from a choice of materials to best suit the operation.

No matter the forecast for the economic climate, it’s clear safety in mines and quarries is a top priority. For a viable operation, it’s non-negotiable that producers keep their employees safe and productive. Locker Group can help with this and provides Australian quarry businesses with dependable tools and solid structures for safe, secure and profitable work each day.

Source: Locker Group

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