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Sand producer tests new vibrating screen

The CCS Quarries are part of the Kennedy Group which own and operate several sand plants and quarries in the south east Queensland region. The AHS2448 is the largest screen in the plant and is located at the top of the plant tower.
Aury Australia also supplied the Weide screening system panels for this installation, which are achieving good results in service (Aury Australia is a supplier of the Weide screening system to customers in Australia). The Weide screening system can be fitted to new screens as well as retrofitted to existing screens in all types of plants from sand to hard rock.
CCS Clutha Creek has been impressed with the quality of the Aury screen as well as its competitive pricing and lead time. This sand plant operation requires high availability for the equipment as well as screens that can be easily maintained. The Aury screen has been reliable from installation and the customer has been happy with all aspects of the screen operation and performance. The screen has improved the screening of sand and has resulted in more sand being sent to the correct stockpiles and reduced the load on the plant?s crushers.
Aury Australia can supply horizontal, banana and high frequency screens for most applications within the quarry industry. All of its screens are assembled at its Lion Park facility at Yatala, 40km south of Brisbane.
Source: Aury Australia

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