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Sand plant supplier kicks off open day series

Terex Washing Systems (TWS) kicked off the first in a series of open days by promoting its new Aggresand 165 wash plant at the Dubbo Sands sand, gravel and granite quarry in Dubbo, New South Wales.

During the event, which was organised in conjunction with local distributor Mineral Washing Solutions (MWS), current and prospective TWS customers were given the opportunity to watch Dubbo Sands’ newly installed wash plant as it processed in excess of 200 tonnes per hour of natural sand and gravel feed material to produce a range of aggregates and concrete sands.

Dubbo Sands owners Mardi and Graham Colbran, who were available at the open days to share their personal experiences with the plant and to field questions from attendees, described the events as being “a huge success”.

“We know we made the right decision,” the couple stated. “We have exactly what our quarry required and more [and] we feel that there is nothing else currently on the market that even comes close [to the Aggresand 165].”

A positive reception
It was reported that attendees responded positively to the new plant, impressed by the unit’s efficiency, modular system, accessibility and ease of maintenance. Customers also appreciated the plant’s ability to blend feed two products prior to washing, as well as the plant’s innovative design and quick set-up.

The Colbrans explained that this last property was the reason they selected the new TWS wash plant as it was important to them to minimise disruption to their site.

“Our Aggresand 165 wash plant incorporates the pre-wash system which enables us to bring our sand into spec in just one pass whilst producing three aggregates, giving us a very cost-effective operation,” they added. “This plant demonstrates what washing sand should be – easy. Everyone worked extremely hard to pull this together and we are positive ours will be the first of many hitting Australian shores.”

TWS sales manager Fergal McPhillips confirmed the Colbrans’ prediction would soon be realised, given that the “exceptional” reactions to the plant had led to the immediate placement of a number of Aggresand 165 orders.

Commenting on the recent outdoor events, TWS director Sean Loughran said, “With it being the first Aggresand 165 wash plant operating in this market, reaction and interest to the plant was phenomenal, which is testament to our commitment to providing enhanced and unique solutions to meet customers’ needs and demands.

“TWS and MWS had the opportunity to meet with existing and many potential new customers and we look forward to working with them in the future to provide similar cohesive washing solutions.”

The TWS open days will continue across the world, with events scheduled for France in September, Canada in October and India in November. These events will showcase other products within TWS’ portfolio, as well as another Aggresand plant operating in a different market.

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