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Safety award for Malaysian industry

In co-operation with the Malaysia Quarries Association (MQA), Volvo CE aims to improve safety awareness amongst employees in Malaysian quarries. 
The awards will recognise Malaysian quarrying industry companies that have made a strong contribution towards improving the safety of their employees and work practices.
The inaugural awards ceremony was held during the MQA?s annual dinner in Kuala Lumpur with more than 400 guests, including customers, operators, quarry owners and other industry representatives as well as Malaysian Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dr James Dawos Mamit.
Winner of the first prize was Lafarge Aggregates, a company that demonstrated how a remote greasing functionality on its crushers, mixers and conveyors has helped eliminate dangerous elements in daily operations.
In addition to receiving a silver plaque from the Deputy Minister, Lafarge Aggregates? quarry manager Srinivasan Kathiresan was invited to Sweden to visit Volvo CE and find out more about how the company works with safety issues.
?We have received a lot of positive feedback from this initiative and we look forward to working with the MQA on this awards program in the coming years as it clearly highlights safety as an integral part of a quarry?s operations,? Volvo CE business director in Malaysia Brandon Ross said.
?Each accident is a tragedy and it is extremely frustrating to know that these accidents could be prevented with a more structured workplace and a different mind-set,? he added. 
Ross wants to utilise Volvo CEs strong safety reputation in order to increase safety awareness within Malaysia. 
Source: Volvo Construction Equipment

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